The corpus

The corpus search is a tool for Cornish speakers and student to be able to search translations for examples of use of a Cornish language word. This is aimed at showing Cornish words in context so that students and translators can see how words can be used in different ways and any subtleties of use.

The examples of use are all from translations in SWF Cornish from the Cornish Language Office Translation Service from the period 2014 to 2020.

Over time, the Akademi Kernewek intends to add to the corpus search website so that it includes a wider range of sources using Cornish language in different registers, eg. historic texts, literature, everyday speech.

The Akademi Kernewek will work with partner organisations to identify key texts to add to this website for future addition. Text can only be added to the database if it is in the following format:

  • Aligned text in English / Cornish language

  • In SWF

  • Segmented



 Akademi Kernewek

  • Akademi Kernewek is responsible for corpus planning for the Cornish language, including setting standards for the language, developing the dictionary and carrying out research. Akademi Kernewek has a Board and four panels, with each panel responsible for a key work area.

  • Gonis Treylya, the Cornish Language Translation Service, provides Cornish language translations to Cornwall Council’s Cornish Language Office.

  • Akademi Kernewek researches new terms from translations and compiles terms from existing dictionaries and other projects to develop a comprehensive online Cornish dictionary.

  • The database contents of this corpus search website are derived solely for now from the work of the Gonis Treylya.

This site has been developed with the assistance of Bangor University and Nick Harpley.